Tyrehubng is here to consistently maintain distinction Nigeria’s #1 tyre retailer. We have the industry experience via a value-centric focus to provide fully fitted tyres at any location across the country. We guarantee the best prices on the market without compromising quality, service and value-proposition.

Moreover, Tyrehubng prides itself in stocking and selling only internationally recognised major brands with world-class quality such as:  Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, and Pirelli etc. – and more!

Our Mission

  • To provide solution to Nigeria’s substandard tyre problems by providing access to quality tyres coupled with professional services and backed by warranty.

Our Vision

  • To build the best and largest tyre retail store in Nigeria.

Remain 100% sure and safe in the quality of our products

As part of our brand-loyalty mandate, we ensure that all our customers are facilitated in smooth purchasing decisions through our display of a wide range of tyre-patterns.

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Apart from having tyre damage, you can detect how worn your tyres are through thread wear indicators. Tread wear indicators (“wear bars”) are located at the base of the main grooves and are equally spaced around the tyre. The tread wear indicators, which look like narrow strips of smooth rubber .

Avoid used tyres. You can never know what hazards and abuse a previously owned tyre suffered. Internal damage can lead to dangerous tyre failure.

TYREHUBNG® always advises you to have your tyres mounted by a specialist. A specialist will have the right tools and equipment and will ensure that tyres are correctly mounted on to the wheel rim, that the rotation direction is respected and that wheel rims are mounted with the right amount of pressure on the bolts.

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Tyrehubng customer service call-centre is fully accessible through a designated phone number around the clock throughout the year, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!


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